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New look for AniMac jewellery and wedding stationery

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

You may have come to this site looking for wedding stationery. Well, fear not, you can now find it under its own dedicated site or by clicking the link at the top left of this site's home page.

Just as we all have a wardrobe clear-out every so often, or switch up our look, I decided to give the AniMac Design site (which is now exclusively dedicated to jewellery) a makeover - I hope you like it!

To celebrate the re-launch of the site, I've added a new range.

The Hive Collection features pendants, earrings and bracelets with a Bee theme and in keeping with my love of mixed metals, the pieces come in three colours (silver, rose and gold). The entire collection is 925 Sterling silver with the gold and rose bees being Sterling silver drenched in 24k gold-plating.

I know I shouldn't have a favourite, but I do...its the Honey Bee Bracelet. This adjustable slider bracelet sits beautifully on the wrist and although delicate, makes a big impact. The bracelet has a maximum width of 8 inches (it slides over your hand) and can then be adjusted down to fit.

The collection is now available to purchase online and stock is now with my on-island retailers.


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