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Updated: Jul 5, 2018

It has been an interesting start to 2018.  I always try to use January as my month for training and review/planning and have immersed myself in all sorts to try to improve AniMac Design and the way I do things - from general business processes and graphic design packages to product photography and planning.

However, I am currently in the middle of one of the most personally challenging courses I have ever taken - Market Your Selfie by Megan Auman.  My reasons for taking the course were (1) so that I could show customers how my jewellery sits when worn and (2) save time and get new products out there faster.  It helped that I had taken several of Megan's courses in the past, knew what a great teacher she was and that she walked the walk.

Now, I am not one for taking selfies let alone sharing them (even privately), so those of you that know me will know how big a deal this is!  But I have thrown myself into this course.  So, my future social media posts will feature my jewellery being worn in real life and not just on a model.  I also intend to blog more regularly so that you know there's a real person behind this little business, although it's not called a mini-blog for nothing - this will be one of the longest posts!  So, thanks for being here and welcome to my mini-blog...

Isle of Bute, Scotland, UK

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