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Illustration of a white-tailed bumble bee by Ruth Slater Artist

Information on the BOMBUS Collection featuring statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings.


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All there is to know about the Bombus collection and its statement necklaces, from my inspiration through to the provenance and sustainability of the materials and packaging chosen.  Every single aspect of this collection has been carefully thought through and I am excited to share it with you.



Geometry and symmetry in nature has always fascinated me and I sketched out the designs for this collection in 2017/18 as 'geometry in nature' featuring hexagon and bee statement necklaces. Over the next couple of years I worked on my skills as the designs were technically difficult, then lockdown happened and everything changed.

I became much more appreciative of our garden and all of the visitors to it. The garden flourished as did its visitors of all shapes and sizes and the lack of traffic made their voices loud; I had never heard so many birds nor seen so many bees before. 

Then, early in 2021 Ruth Slater (a wonderful fine artist and illustrator here on the Isle of Bute) and I won a bid to design a map/activity leaflet for the RSPB at Kelvingrove in Glasgow. Ruth created almost 100 illustrations for the map but my favourite was the one of the white tailed bumble bee - the inspiration for the bee in this collection.

During that process the RSPB team explained that a popular activity for them to do with children in the park was to cast a Harry Potter-esque spell using the scientific names of insects. The one that stood out was "Bombus lucorum!" (the name of the white-tailed bumble bee). Thus, the collection had a name, BOMBUS.

I am forever grateful for the inspiration, artwork and friendship of Ruth Slater and to the RSPB Team at Kelvingrove - Sarah-Jane, Eloise and Joe - for sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge. 


When it became apparent that the technical specifications of this collection were beyond my skill level, I reached out to the master silversmiths at Ortak in Orkney to see if they would be willing to bring my ideas to life. It was always my intention to have the collection made and hallmarked in Scotland, ideally in the islands, and the amazing team at Ortak made this possible. We have gone through a lot of prototyping and their patience and determination to deliver the pieces, particularly the statement necklaces, to my specifications has been invaluable.   

This collection featuring substantial statement necklaces will also bear the unique and newly registered AniMac Design 925 Sterling Silver hallmark, registered with the Edinburgh Assay Office. These are the first pieces ever to feature this hallmark. 

A true Scottish Islands heirloom collection: designed in Bute, made in Orkney, by

Ortak Logo
White Gift Boxes featuring white-tailed bumble bee illustration by Ruth Slater Artist


The silver bullion used by Ortak to cast the bee and hexagon necklaces, bracelets and earrings is fully certified and traceable recycled silver. The pieces are ordered in small batches. 

The beautiful gift boxes from Tiny Box Company are made from recycled materials and are themselves recyclable.

The care card inside the box is printed on recycled paper and is recyclable.

For each piece of this collection purchased direct from this website, a donation will be made to the RSPB. 

Design Features

The pieces are all made of solid 925 Sterling Silver and are hallmarked with the AniMac Design mark. 

The BOMBUS bees are 3D and are solid, cast pieces.

The bee and hexagon necklaces and bracelets feature belcher chains with generous sized lobster claw clasps that can be secured anywhere on the chain, making them adjustable.

Like all AniMac jewellery, the pieces are perfectly balanced and are comfortable to wear.

Each gift box comes with a little silver cleaning cloth to keep your BOMBUS pieces looking good.

Close up view of a Silver Hexagon and Bee Bracelet on a wrist
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