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Creating a statement necklace

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

When designing a statement necklace, I usually have an idea of the look I want or I will take inspiration from an unusual material.

Lilac Carolynn statement necklace by AniMac Design

With the Carolynn statement necklace, I had already been making single strand versions of this design with a variety of glass and ceramic beads. However, I wanted something chunkier that would cover the entire décolleté.

Adding strands to the design meant that I would have to use different beads to keep the piece light enough to be wearable comfortably. From experience, I know that knockout statement necklaces can be ridiculously heavy and my own jewellery collection is awash with pieces that I love the look of but am desperate to take off even before I get out of the door!

Once I have created a prototype of a design, I wear it throughout the day to see how wearable it is, and make adjustments necessary to ensure that it's comfortable, prior to finalising the design.

The Carolynn necklace is available in a choice of four colours: Gold, Black, Red and the Lilac shown above. Shop the necklace here.


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