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Mixed metal jewellery

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

One of the features of AniMac jewellery design is that I love to use mixed metal colours: silver, gold and rose-gold.

Large silver coloured statement heart pendant

I've often been asked if there's a reason for this and yes, there is. My skin tone just doesn't suit the coloured golds - yellow and rose - but I do love those colours. So, rather than only wearing silver or white gold, I find that if I just add a touch of the coloured metals with the white, it doesn't clash. I also think that the touch of colour adds a little interest to the pieces, making a feature of the coloured element.

My signature heart pendant was the first piece to feature mixed metal colours and I've since taken it through to my new Sterling Silver Hive collection. You can shop all of these pieces here.

Honey bee earrings and pendant in sterling silver with rose gold plating from the Hive collection


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