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What's in a name?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

For years now I have used detailed descriptions to 'name' my pieces. This is great for the customers who want to see exactly what my jewellery is made from. However, it's not so great when they try to describe a piece they've seen and can't remember the long-winded description! So, I've started to give my pieces memorable names.

I do have an awful memory, but I'm good at remembering the faces of customers who have purchased from me direct at an event, the jewellery they've purchased and what it was that drew them to that particular piece. So, rather than pick random names that I know I won't remember, I've decided to choose the names of the customers I most associate with individual pieces...matching the face to the name.

The very first piece to be renamed is the gorgeous statement necklace that was previously known as 'Triple Mesh Necklace'. It is now called the 'Carolynn' necklace after the customer who bought the very first incarnation of the current design. She purchased the design in the gold colour, although this design also comes in black, red and lilac.

I do find it funny how often I associate a certain person with a piece of jewellery; maybe it has really suited them or maybe they have just absolutely loved their purchase and I remember how fondly they talked of it. Either way, for someone with a bad memory, I think this is the perfect way to make sure the names stick!


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