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What to wear to a gallery opening?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

I've spent the past two weekends at the opening events of art exhibitions. The first was father and daughter artists, James and Emma Davis, at the wonderful Bute Gallery here on the island; the second was for the super-talented Ruth Slater at The Tighnabruaich Gallery in Argyll. I was looking forward to both events and they were everything I'd expected - fabulous artwork and wonderful gallery hosts - Joe Thomas at Bute (who is an incredible photographer in his own right) and Ros and Neil McKenna at Tighnabruaich.

As usual, beforehand I had my 'what do I wear' panic. I wanted to look casual, but not too much and I do really struggle with that smart-casual look. I popped on some grey jeans, a white summer T-shirt and my blue linen jacket which I thought worked well. But what necklace to wear?

In the end, I opted for a new design - the Station Necklace - that I had made the previous weekend. It gave me exactly the look I was going for, was super-comfortable to wear and added a zesty pop of colour. I always forget, or rather never leave time, to take photos before I head out, so I recreated the look for a product shoot I was doing this week and had some fun with it.

I'm absolutely loving the versatility of these necklaces - they are so comfortable, adjustable and tactile and can jazz up pretty much any outfit - you may have seen the Pastel Necklace accompanying my khaki dungarees in a shot I took while I was working in the studio during the summer.

This necklace currently comes in two colours - Lime and Coral - and they have just been added to the online shop for you to purchase now. More colours will follow and my list will be notified first, so if you want to get the heads up on the new colours, leave your email via the link on the homepage of the website.


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